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**** From April 2013 ****

Firstly let us apologise for not updating our website sooner but as we now have four children between us, life has been a little busy. Our little charity continues to be well supported and every few months someone will surprise us with a quick email usually followed by a lovely cheque.

We now have around £9000 in the bank and we have contacted the hospital for the latest bit of kit on the wish list so we can go ahead and purchase it. We have received a request from a local family that we look into purchasing a ‘cold cot’ which allows bereaved parents to spend longer with their child. Wythenshawe Hospital is currently looking into which model would be suitable for use in the Snowdrop rooms. Should this purchase go ahead (just awaiting final confirmation from the hospital) it will be dedicated to another little angel baby, Noah Goodley.

As we are a small charity run we are able to make quick decisions about where we feel the money raised should go. Quite recently we heard about a local family who had tragically lost their daughter to a brain tumour. The family were looking to raise funds to pay for a rather special headstone as a tribute to their beautiful daughter. After a very brief discussion we all decided that this was something we would like to help with. We delivered a cheque on New Year’s Day and we have since heard that all funds have now been raised and the headstone is due to be placed in the coming weeks. Our love and best wishes go to the family and hope the coming weeks, months and years become bearable.

If you are thinking of raising money for our charity please contact us and be assured that every penny that is raised goes to charity. We love to hear that our charity touches the hearts of others.

We would like to thank the following people and companies for raising money and making all our aims achievable for our charity:

Claire Sumner bravely ran the Mens Health Survival of the Fittest 10k Assault course and raised £360. Thank you and well done Claire.

Local company Argent and Waugh raised a massive £800 with their employees joining forces and running the Macnchester 10k together. We are currently trying to organise a ‘big cheque’ moment with the company director and good friend Joanne Sharpe. Keep your eyes peeled in the local press!

Thank you to Barry May who made a donation to our charity in return for a signed Everton Football, that Steph won in a raffle.

Thank you to Solicitors, Price Slater Gawne who continue to support our charity.

We are expecting great things from Georgie Myers whose other half, Aaron is recruiting friends to do a massive bike ride. We can’t wait to hear how they get on.

We are very pleased to be Bowdon Church School’s chosen charity for 2013. We look forward to hearing what events are planned and Steph and Jonny especially look forward to being involved.

On Friday 21st June, Altrincham Preparatory School are holding a Seaside Ball in a marquee at Bowden Cricket, Hockey and Squash club. 7.15pm drinks reception and canapés. Meal, band and DJ. Carriages at 12.45am. Tickets £95 per couple. Email contact for tickets

The event is set to be a pretty special evening and the proceeds from the raffle will be donated to our cause.

The Gobstopper Sweet shop in Hale has also selected our charity to support over the coming months. As a starter, Mark threw a party at home and instead of receiving gifts from friends and family, he asked for donations and that generous lot collected £300 on the night. We cannot thank them enough. So if you want to make a donation and treat yourself to some sweeties head to the Godstopper on Cecil Road in Hale.

9th May 2013 – Timperley Swish. Together with a friend I, Sarah, are organising a fun girly fund raising event. A swish is an opportunity to bring all those panic buys or handbags you have grown tired of and swap them for something gorgeous. If this sounds like your kind of night, please drop us an email and we can forward full details and ticket information.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts…brings a tear to my eye when others support what we are trying to do.

**** From December 2011 ****

It is to our on-going surprise that our little charity continues to be supported in the way that it is. When we first started, we never had any “Grand Plan”, we just wanted a way to fund raise with the capacity to direct exactly where the funds went. We are now approaching sufficient funds to buy our 4th big bit of kit (we have previously purchased 2 incubators and 1 infant resus station, alongside smaller pieces of equipment) and are not only delighted, but really rather proud.

Most recently, we have to thank the contribution of Matt Goodley who, this year, has completed the Manchester 10k and not one, but two, triathlons, raising £1,000 along the way. It is our intention that the next piece of kit donated will be dedicated to Matt’s son, Noah.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the solicitors “Price & Slater”, who have nominated our charity as their charity of choice for their Christmas donation.

Over the next few months, we have a team who intend on running the Manchester 10k to raise funds and, in a temporary moment psychosis, Steph has registered for her first ever half-marathon in Wilmslow in March.

**** From August 2010 ****

I think it’s fair to say that we remain astonished by the continuing interest and support in our charity. There are now 2 specialist incubators and 1 infant resuscitation station in the neonatal unit, providing the staff with the best equipment to assist them with their work. Our total raised, since the charity’s inception in 2005, has hit the £50,000 mark, which far exceeds the expectations of us all. Our most recent contributors have been the Altrincham Chamber of Commerce and The Dunham Massey Rose Queen Committee, and we are most grateful for their input.

We would also like to acknowledge the donations made following bereavements, and from those who donate via Just Giving. We look forward to the annual fund raiser at Red House Farm, with gate receipts on Sunday 29th August being donated to the charity.

In December 2009, Sarah, Mark and Daniel welcomed the safe arrival of their beautiful daughter and sister, Lucy.

**** From August 2008****

We are delighted to say that July 2008 saw the purchase of the second incubator for the neonatal unit. At present, we are currently awaiting to officially present the incubator. The incubator selected by the staff came in at a little over £11,100 – a little cheaper than anticipated, which means we have a head start on saving for a third incubator. We would like to thank the following contributors: -

Neil Myerson Solicitors, who nominated Harry and Jock’s Appeal as one of their chosen charities to support as part of their 25th Anniversary celebrations, and raised £5,000.

Forest Primary School, Timperley, who nominated Harry and Jock’ Appeal as their chosen charity for the school year ‘07 – ’08. Thanks go to the staff, parents but, most especially the children whose various fundraising activities raised a wonderful £1,500.

The annual fundraising day at the Red House Farm Maize Maze on Sunday 24th August raised £1,700. The weather was kind and an enjoyable day was had by all who joined us.

We would also like to thank Claire Norton, Ocean Sky, the Flixton Townswomens Guild and all those who have donated recently.

We are also delighted to announce that Jo Racle is raising funds for the charity by completing the Coast to Coast Challenge, and the St Peter’s Parents and Toddlers in Hale have nominated us as their chosen charity for the forthcoming year.

As the four trustees, we’d just like to say that we never envisaged the level of support we would receive. Since we started the charity we’ve raised £40,000, an amount that has far exceeded our hopes and expectations. Thank you everyone who has supported us over the last three years.

**** From November 2007 ****

We’re delighted to report that there have been some exciting developments recently. Firstly, following the success of our third annual Maize Maze fundraiser, we are creeping ever closer towards reaching our £14,000 target for the second incubator.

Secondly we have been approached by three independent organisations and individuals keen to support the charity which, as charity trustees, we have found both delightful and humbling.

Forest School in Timperley have chosen Harry and Jock’s Appeal as their nominated charity for the academic year 2007 – 2008. We look forward to working with Mr Groves, the headmaster, the staff and, most importantly, the pupils over the next few months.

Neil Myerson Solicitors, based in Altrincham, are planning a series of fund-raising activities from Thursday November 22nd to Sunday November 25th and have chosen Harry and Jock’s Appeal as one of the charities to support.

And last, but by no means least, Claire Norton, of Tranquil Therapies, stumbled across our website and volunteered her considerable therapeutic abilities to any fundraising efforts. All being well, she will be working alongside the team from Neil Myerson to provide much needed relief from the more physical aspects of their fundraising efforts!

It is our great hope that, with all the aforementioned support, we will be able to install a second neonatal incubator at the special care baby unit at Wythenshawe Hospital, and possibly even set the ball rolling with regards saving for a third. When we initially started this charity we decided we wanted to know exactly where our funds were channelled.

We have therefore liaised closely with the clinical staff that cared for Harry during his short life, supported Sarah and Mark following Jock’s still-birth and provided compassion and assistance to all of us both during our hospital admissions and beyond, to find out exactly what was needed. A ‘wish list’ was generated and at the top were six new incubators. We have purchased smaller pieces of equipment as requested, and furnished a room on the ante-natal suite but now, with guidance from the Paediatricians and Midwives, our attention has returned to the incubators. There was nothing further that could have been done to save Harry or Jock, but we like to think we are doing what we can to provide the best possible opportunity to those babies that can be saved…

And finally, both Harry and Jock are now big brothers. Monty Peter Hewitt was born safe and well on August 2nd, and Daniel Mark Johnson arrived alive and kicking on 12th October. With thanks to everyone for their good wishes xxx

**** From early 2007 ****

Since the charity began in 2005 we have, so far, raised over £20,000. Of this, £13,500 has been used to purchase a specialist incubator for the neonatal unit. This incubator is used by the poorliest of babies on the unit. We have also purchased smaller pieces of equipment for the neonatal, maternity and ante natal units including televisions for the Snowdrop rooms and cooling fans for the delivery suites.

Our most recent project is the transformation of a room on the ante natal unit. With the generous help and support of Halo Antiques, Altrincham, we have refurnished a room which will be used by parents, doctors and mid-wives for times when privacy, comfort and quiet are required to discuss various situations which may occur during a pregnancy.

We would also like to pass on our sincere thanks to our most recent supporters. As we have mentioned, the generosity of Halo Antiques, Altrincham has enabled us to acquire some beautiful furniture for which we are extremely grateful. Altrincham Young Farmers Club have generously sacrificed the funtioning of their livers and a few of their brain cells to raise £250 on a pub crawl of Altrincham. And our good friend Andy York is running the Manchester 10k in aid of Harry and Jock's Appeal. Andy has set up a page on 'just giving', which is an excellent way for people to donate. Just click on the Just Giving link below and type Andrew York into the Sponsor a Friend box. We'd just like to take this opportunity to wish Andy all the best - we hope you enjoy the event as much as we did last year. We'll keep our fingers crossed for slightly less rain!

We will be holding our annual fund-raising day on Sunday August 26th at the pirate themed Maize Maze at Red House Farm. Quite simply, you get all the fun-filled maze activities at the standard price, and we simply donate the proceeds from the day. At present, we are about half-way towards raising sufficient funds for a second specialist incubator. We are hoping that, by the end of the year, we will be much closer to the target of £13,500 for this second incubator.

**** From 2006 ****

W we were invited to officially present our first incubator to the neonatal unit. The incubator cost around £14,000 and is an 'all-singing, all-dancing' machine that will help to support the lives of the poorliest babies. To say it was an emotional return to the unit would be an understatement. It brought back a flood of memories about the precious little time we had with our boy. Yet, at the same time, surrounded by tiny babies, we were also touched with pride and hope.

One of the regular shoppers at Red House Farm commented to Alan the other day that, whilst Harry may only have spent a short time in this world, he's done an awful lot of good. That just about sums it us for us.

So, once again, many thanks to everyone who has helped us

The Red House Farm Maize Maze hosted its annual charity day on Sunday 27th August. We raised £4,000 and, together with some recent donations, takes the total our charity has raised to over the £20,000 mark. Overwhelming, to say the least...Thank you to everyone.

We have received news from the Charity Commission to say the The Harry and Jock's Appeal is now an official charity! (number 1114355).

On 25th April 2006, Harry's first birthday, we received a cheque for £120 from some friends. Not only had they remembered the date, they had been kind enough to organise a collection for the appeal. And so, 8 months after our appeal was launched, we have reached our first target - £15,000 for the purchase of an incubator in memory of our beautiful little boy. So many thanks to everyone who has donated, and allowed us to honour our son's life in this way.

Jonny and Steph

Mark, Steph and Jonny successfully finished (despite very little training!) the BUPA 10K in Manchester on Sunday 21st May in aid of the appeal. Final figures are not yet in but we should have raised over £400, which will go towards buying some television equipment for the Snowdrop and Green room at the Wythenshawe hospital.

Times: Mark - 48:57 Jonny - 53.05, Steph - 56:47.

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