Latest Update - May 2018

Time has literally got away from us! This is just a quick message to say the the charity is still going and we are still fundraising. There will be an update soon to the website including news of a great fundraising event organised by the Timperley Boneshakers Cycling Club Group. More details to follow.

June 2014

Another year has passed with lots of school, holidays and fun for our families. Monty and Daniel continue to grow too fast, Lucy has now started nursery and Erin has turned 3! Where is the time going? Our two families met through our bereavements and we continue to be great friends and although the children attend different schools they love meeting up at Redhouse Farm and playing together. It is an enormously comforting outcome to what was an awful time in our lives.

‘Hard times reveal true friends’

Our lovely charity continues to move forward with lots of amazing fund raising that has enabled us to help more families who have lost their precious babies.

Here is a round up of our year (if we have missed anything out, I apologise, and if you would like it adding please email us, also if you would like anything omitting)

April 2013 -Kerry and Barry Watts who had lost their beautiful daughter Mollie at 20 weeks gestation on the 6th February contacted us with a view to raising money for Wythenshawe Hospital. Our hearts went out to this family. They have since, together with friends and family raised £1085. We are very grateful for this fabulous donation.

July 2013 – We gathered up the collection tins and set about counting the cash. I love doing this job, as it is very therapeutic. We banked £132 of coppers silver and occasionally a bit of the folding stuff! Many thanks to the staff and customers of Redhouse Farm.

July 2013 – We received our biggest cheque to date from Altrincham Preparatory School - £7235, wow! We were the school’s nominated charity for their annual summer ball and after a moving speech from Steph, all the parents dug deep and we were blown away by their generosity. The event features on Thank you to the staff, parents and children, we love you all.

August 2013 – Harry and Jocks Appeal purchased a cuddle cot (cold cot) for Wythenshawe Hospital. This piece of equipment gives bereaved families the opportunity to spend extra time with their babies to say goodbye.
We have already received letters of gratitude for having this cot available. Receiving these letters, for us, is both heart warming and heart wrenching. The cot has been dedicated to Baby Noah Goodley whose parents and family raised money for our appeal. The plaque on the cot reads ‘For Noah with Love’. We hope to have the official presentation soon.

November 2013 – Sarah organised a second Swish (clothes swapping party) at Marco Pani’s hairdressing and raised £370. A fun night was had by all and thanks to Laura Pani for providing us with a great location for a fab girlie evening.

November 12th 2013 – We were all delighted to be invited to the re-opening of the newly refurbished Neonatal Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital. We met lots of familiar faces and the new unit is amazing. We saw Jock’s incubator (we think Harry’s must have been in use) so it was another emotional day but we were all very proud to be there.

December 2013 – We were nominated by Alan Hewitt to be the chosen charity for the Dunham Men’s Breakfast and we duly received a cheque for £150. Thank you guys for enjoying your brekky and supporting our charity.

December 2013 – We made a donation of £500 towards the memorial of Baby Noah. Noah, sadly, was born sleeping just before Christmas and his parents didn’t think thay could raise the funds for the tribute they wanted for him. It was a very easy decision to help out. Noah’s parents also got to spend extra precious him with the assistance of the cuddle cot we donated in August. Noah’s parents Chris and Emma have since given us a cheque for £594 all raised with the help from staff, parents and children from St Peters Catholic School. We thank you all and wish Chris and Emma peace and happiness for the future.

May 2014 – Peter Waterson from Watersons Estate Agent donated a cheque for £500.

Thank you to all our supporters in the last 12 months. We say it every year but the donations we receive and the growth of our little charity is humbling.

We currently have over £20k in the bank and we are planning on spending it all! We are in contact with the powers that be at Wythenshawe hospital getting up to date wish lists and then we will start ordering new, vital equipment for the maternity and neonatal unit.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

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How to make a donation

You can now make a donation to the Harry and Jock Appeal through Just Giving ( Type 'harry and jocks appeal' in the Find a Charity search box for charity details.

Alternatively contact Steph or Sarah via, Many thanks.

About the appeal

Steph and Jonny Hewitt started the fund after they lost their baby boy, Harry, on the 26th April 2005. Steph and Jonny were overwhelmed by the compassion and support they received from the staff at Wythenshawe hospital and decided to raise £15000 for a specialist incubator for their neonatal unit. Their hope was that this donation would help prevent other parents suffering the same ‘living hell’ of losing their baby.

The fund was kick started with a charity day in memory of Harry at the Maize Maze at Redhouse Farm Dunham Massey, where Jonny is one of the directors. Together with personal donations from friends, family and Redhouse farm customers, the fund has reached over £13000.

Another set of parents grieving the loss of their baby, Jock, read an article in the Sale and Altrincham Messenger and decided to get in touch to offer their support to the fund. Sarah and Mark Johnson lost their son on the 30th August 2005 when he was born prematurely at 22 weeks and 5 days. The two couples have since become firm friends.

The fund was then renamed Harry and Jock’s Appeal and intends to donate as much equipment to the hospital as possible. Some of the donations will also be used to support the Snowdrop Room at Wythenshawe Hospital. This is a special room at the hospital where those whose babies have died (either before or after birth) can stay in comfort away from the main maternity ward. Both couples feel this is a positive way to celebrate two such short lives and that their names will live on.


We have collected a number of poignant poems and sayings that reflect the emotions caused by the loss of a baby. Please Click here

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Steph and Jonny Hewitt, Sarah and Mark Johnson - Charity Trustees.

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